Ambisonia Mantra revisited.

In the previous Post Crispin14 suggests that the term ‘surround sound’ as used in  “get creative with surround sound” is perhaps a little bit tired … and I agree, it gets thrown around in DVD and general home theatre discussion a lost… and most surround sound in DVD’s and on home theatres is relatively poor compared to the immersion of ambisonics. How can we communicate that.

The word ‘sound field’ is one possibility. …… “get creative with sound fields” ?

an other one is to work with ‘ambisonics’  … “get creative with ambisonic surround” … but people dont know that ambisonics is more immersive

spell out the difference   … “get creative with next-generation surround sound

One thing to note is that it has to be clear, from quickly that the site is about surround sound.

immerse yourself in surround sound … although that doesn’t suggest that you can do it yourself.

get creative with sound and space … although that doesn’t s

Here are some ways to communicate that this sound is more ‘enveloping’

–  3D sound, immersive, holographic, virtual, sound scene, sound realm,

get creative with holographic sound  (not sure about this one)

…. difficult.

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4 Responses to Ambisonia Mantra revisited.

  1. Martin says:

    If surround sound is overused then soundfield (one word) is the way to go. It suggests, at least to me, a single coherent entity. And this is what we want to convey. So I vote for “get creative with soundfields”.

  2. soundfields is good… I like it too. The only problem is it doesn’t communicate that we are dealing with a type of surround sound that is better than the standard 5.1 stuff.

    Maybe the solution is to use an adjective:

    ‘next generation soundfields’ … or ‘soundfields on steroids’

    or … ‘get creative with turbo soundfields’ … or something

    ‘get creative with soundfields ++’

  3. John Leonard says:

    I expect the nice people at Soundfield might be quite interested in this…

    Just a thought.


  4. true, I might email them.

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