How do I go about taking a consumer device to market?

Ok, here’s an open-ended question that I’m struggling with. This is something I want to do, and am pretty much set on doing … but I need help as to exactly how to go about it.

I would like to design, (get) manufacture(d), and sell a consumer electronics device.

This device has electronic circuitry in it, it has a battery, a well designed container, some switches/knobs etc. How do I do it?

  1. I trained and worked as an Architect for a number of years, so I can produce accurate, well labelled, scalled technical drawings, cross sections etc. That’s not a problem.
  2. I have spoken with and commissioned some work done by a steel machinist following my technical drawings. That’s not a problem.
  3. I can imagine what I would need to do in terms of packaging.. a bit of graphic design etc. That’s no a problem.

but how do I design and get someone to implement a bit of circuitry? … Sure I can get off-the-shelf circuitry components, but how do I get someone to put together a whole bunch of circuutry that actually fits inside a little box or container or whatever.

Any pointers?

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One Response to How do I go about taking a consumer device to market?

  1. Martin says:

    There are companies which will do all this for you. For a price. If you were in Alberta, Canada I could find out names for you; I know somebody who, until recently, made use of such a company.

    The difficult part is selling. If you are expecting large sales then you will fail. Sorry. You wont be able to shift enough units before the big companies bring out a competing product and steal all your market. If your idea is original and good then this will take about six months.

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