Nimbus owns the trademark for ‘ambisonics’ … and its close to Ambisonia

Nimbus are good guys, they want ambisonics to get out there, they work in ambisonics, they produce ambisonic disks.

As I drive ‘Ambisonia’ forward into becoming a solid business, I’ve got to start covering these kinds of things. Is it possible that Ambisonia is a bad name? It is indeed very close to Ambisonics… and I _am_ building a brand.

It would be a rightful pain to re-name or re-brand Ambisonia to something else again. Already the most searched term that leads people to Ambisonia is the word ‘ambisonia’ …. i.e. as a brand, it is already becoming known… I’ll have to think about this.

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4 Responses to Nimbus owns the trademark for ‘ambisonics’ … and its close to Ambisonia

  1. Martin says:

    Ask ’em. There is a Nimbus guy on sursound, so that is your way in. If your lawyer is friendly then you might want to pass the e-mail through him before sending it.

  2. Michael Chapman says:

    Hi Etienne,
    Researching the same point.

    I’ve not tracked the word down yet, but the UK patents office (small p, small o, ’cause its now called something else …) lists two graphical TMs.

    One does not/will not show an image (for me).

    But both of those are for “class 09” on a brief read (consult your lawyer, as they say) for “Electrical apparatus …” that is for goods not services, even arguably for equipment not recorded media.

    Must track the non-graphical TM(s) down and see what they say.

    Think you are right though, they are good guys, regardless presume everyone is until proved otherwise, and let the community move forward together. There are enough external challenges without intra-family fights!!

    (The two I found belong to Wyastone Estate of London, nos: 1113276 and 1113277.)

  3. Michael Chapman says:

    “Ambisonic” (no ‘s’) occurs in the mixed graphical/text
    trademark 1500177

    Proprietor again W.Estate
    class again 09

    They also have no. 1112259
    for “A M B I S O N” (typography as per official gov. website). Again 09

    So . . . ?

    PS Of course it is rumoured other jurisdictions also issue trade (and/or service) marks . . .

  4. Michael Chapman says:

    Correction: Class 09 includes “discs, tapes, all bearing sound recordings …”

    BTW I found this page looking for an answer to the same question …

    (To find all the above search for Propietor=”Wyastone” on the UK IPO website.
    The purely graphical ones are the ‘blanks’ in the results table.)

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