“War of the Worlds” (type thing) in surround sound

On thursday, I met up with the lawyer who will look after the legals on the site.  He will craft up 2 documents, the end user license agreement and the ‘contributor’ agreement.

This will allow Ambisonia to sell content. I still have to build in a cart system, with credit card payments and all that kind of stuff…and that will take months. But soon, Ambisonia will be in a position to finally sell something. This is important, I’ve got no money left and its time the site stepped up into the next level of ‘business reality’.

So what will ambisonia sell to start with?

Here’s my idea: We choose 15 or 20 of the best recordings, (all types of recordings)…. lots of John Leonard’s sound effects recordings, some classical stuff (what we can clear for use).. Aaron’s recordings are always great, Paul Hodge’s recordings, some of Henry’s electronic stuff, maybe some of mine … and a few others.

Then we get an improvised story-line artist (I know a few people who do this brilliantly) … to spin a yarn that ties all of the sounds together into a 1 hour (or more) story.  In other words, we find a way to pull all of these disperate sounds together into a coherent whole. Something that would in effect be very similar to a ‘War of the Worlds’ style piece.

We publish this as a DVD Audio … everyone gets a cut. The ‘value add’ for purchasing the DVD-A is that you get the full story line in it (you dont get that from downloading individual pieces).

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