More hits from Wikipedia than Google

As of this week, is getting more hits from Wikipedia than it is from Google.

That’s an astounding statistic.

It means that at least from my perspective, Wikipedia has more control over traffic to my site than Google. If you Google ‘surround sound’, you’ll need to labour through 7 pages of results before you find a site that offers you heaps of fantastic surround sound content for download (i.e.

If you go to Wikipedia and type in ‘Surround Sound’, you’ll see a link to in the links section. This link makes sense.

So I guess this statistic lends more credence to, the human powered search engine…. or at least to Google’s slight loss of reputation compared to human generated search results.

Ofcourse, the good people at wikipedia (whoever they are) saw fit to keep the link to that I put in there. I guess this is one of the advantages of human powered search engines, you cant (at least not yet) easily spam the search results.

If you look at the Google results for ‘Surround Sound’ … many are not spam, but just plain stupid, like the Windows Media Surround Sound Showcase, or the 7.1 mobile phone. Its clear that Google looks at the popularity of the hosting website, and if it is really popular, it seems to automatically have high authority. That’s _very_ questionable.

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4 Responses to More hits from Wikipedia than Google

  1. Mike says:

    And you can always add further references to Ambisonia by editing other related Wikipedia pages. This has the welcome side effect of increasing your ranking on Google…

  2. Hi Mike,

    Apparently, having links in Wikipedia pages does not offer increased rankings in Google. From what I understand Wikipedia turned that off because it meant that lots of people were trying to put as many links to their webpages as possible in Wikipedia. Here’s a reference (that I was reading 30 minutes ago)

    Here’s an other excellent article about rankings in search engines:

  3. Wulffy says:

    Having links in Wikipedia pages does not increase rankings. Of course not. Because it’s nofollow.

    But know linking to Wikipedia’s articles will increase your ranking! Because Google has changed it’s algorithm and Wikipedia is married with Google and perhaps hosted at Google’s Data Centers. (my opinion)

    I will post in 8 to 10 hours some new information about this feature in my German SEO blog. But will also offer Google Translate into English.

  4. Afrika says:

    In my experience (3 Links in Wikipedia), these links do nothing for the ranking BUT the traffic is pretty much okay!
    Best regards from Germany

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