There’s something missing with

… and I’m not sure what it is, but I can kind of smell it.

Ok, so, I’m saturated with a copious road map. Basically, the upcoming things are:

  1. allow binaural listens directly from the web page (lower barrier to entry)
  2. fascilitate uploading with a little uploader app (get more uploads)
  3. build some kind of infrastructure for people to be able to sell audio content… whether it be paid downloads or DVD-Audio or whatever (motivation to upload some of the pieces that people had previously desired to keep to themselves on the basis that they might be worth something one day… and have more people see worth in the material presented on the site).

But that’s not enough. I can tell that this wont be enough to ‘yank’ the worlds consciousness towards surround sound.

Imagine if the site sold both an excellent easy to use inexpensive surround sound microphone (Len’s Tetramic) AND an ambisonic decoder. i.e. everything necessary to produce and consume your own surround sound (and publish on

Imagine if Ambisonia hooked up partnerships with Dolby and other surround companies to promote surround sound in home theatres.

That’s still not enough to engage.

There’s some kind of missing dynamic.

Ok, so I can create really cool surround sound recordings, publish them.. and listen to other people’s recordings…. all high quality… different styles etc.

There needs to be the opportunity for a ‘step-up’ to something higher … some farfoluted hook into an other world that spins an altogether different reality on what surround sound can be about…

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