Ambisonic directly from the webpage (?)

The thing that really made Video a huge hit on the Internet was when it was possible to play it directly from a web page.

As I have stated before, I think that binaural is really important to ambisonics, simply because it offers an immediate experience directly from the web page.

According to the conversation here  … QuickTime7 allows playback of multi-channel audio via AAC.

“Playback is very simple. VLC supports it as do other self contained media players such as Nero’s ShowTime player and Apples QuickTime 7. And a whole host of direct-show based media players… Plus, if you have QT7 installed, it’s possible to playback multi-channel AAC streams via a web page.”

This is potentially very very significant.

… now the question is… how can we make this work? I see 2 ways:

1) build an ambisonic decoder that is a QT plugin (is this possible?)
2) offer already decoded 4, 6 and 8 channel decodes (pick your layout, square, hex or cube)

If it is possible to code up cross-platform QT plugins … then listening to ambisonics would just be a matter of:

a) Download QT7
b) Download the QT ambisonic player plugin
c) Configure for your soundcard / amplifier /speaker setup
d) click to play, navigate to an other page, click to play again.

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