Drowning in the future

I _know_ where ambisonia needs to go (more or less), but I dont have the resources to take it there.

The challenge is not even prioritisation anymore.  There is so much work to do that not even prioritisation seems to be helping me advance.  Or maybe that is not my problem. Maybe my problem is that I find it very difficult to focus on one small aspect of ambisonia, when there is so much to think about with the bigger picture. Perhaps my concentration has been hyjacked by the bigger picture.

What is the NEXT most important thing to do? Is it:

  1. Finish the ‘uploader’ to make it easier for people upload? We cant have too little content.
  2. Redesign the site around the new mantra… for better communication when newcomers land on the site.
  3. Introduce categories so that people can browse just one style of recording?
  4. Launch the ‘War of the Worlds’ project where we produce a purchase-only DVD-A remix of this minths best submissions?
  5. Test production of AC3 (or AAC) to see if this draws the doom9.org crowd more than DTS. The Doom9 crowd are perhaps the largest online surround sound consumers… and they heavily favour AC3.
  6. Binaural conversion. It is going to be difficult to get a good binaural convertion. Is it worth getting an average binaural conversion out there?

What do you think?

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4 Responses to Drowning in the future

  1. John Leonard says:

    My choice would be as follows, for the immediate future:

    1) Simple up-loader – the more files the better.

    2) Test production of AC3 and/or AAC – the more downloads the better and look what happened when DTS files came along.

    3) Introduce categories – as long as there’s a decent menu system that lets people see what’s available elsewhere on the site.

    4) Get more publicity for the site: this may mean getting online mentions and links and maybe magazine mentions and links

    That would be my priority at present. The rest could follow when the site traffic warrants it.



  2. thanks John … very helpful

  3. Martin says:

    Is there still a need for a “definitive” Ambisonic player? My feeling is that the available methods of playing B-Format are still kludges, but that is just a feeling. (My computer’s soundcard is only stereo, so this isn’t something I experiment with.) Is there some why of finding out whether the
    unwashed masses find it easy/hard to hear the B-Format files they download?

  4. yes, we still need the ‘definitive’ Ambisonic player.

    We have to find a way of making this happen.

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