Stereo preview in favour of poor binaural preview?

Given the difficulty of getting a decent binaural preview for all the tunes on Ambisonia, would it not be better to offer a stereo preview?

This would satisfy 51% of the aim of the binaural preview. It would:

  1. Offer an immediate audio experience.
  2. Allow people to get a quick appreciation of what is in the audio file.

… and then forget about the binaural altogether?

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5 Responses to Stereo preview in favour of poor binaural preview?

  1. John Leonard says:

    Well, I suspect that this would increase site traffic: I also see it leading to a fairly large increase in downloading for commercial use, particularly of my stuff, although I’m prepared to risk it if it brings more traffic to the site. I’d want a better way of linking to my websites, though. I can’t seem to post html links on my page – that is, I can write the address out, but it doesn’t show up as a link. I probably need to tag it somehow…


  2. the stereo would be embedded in a player, and not downloadable…. well, not ‘easily’ downloadable (people would have to inspect the HTML code and have some smarts to fish out the URL of the file).

    there would be no stereo podcast etc.

    However, John, your needs are different to teh needs of others in that there is an immediate commercial benefit for you in posting stuff to Ambisonia. I dont know if there are others with the same needs, but it perhaps a long term aim can be the creation of ‘pro’ accounts, which have features that help you sell/expose more. Many of the photo sharing sites have such accounts aimed at professional publishers.

  3. John Leonard says:

    OK, that’s fine by me – although I’ve yet to see that much of a direct commercial benefit! One day, I’m sure…

  4. Martin says:

    I guess the question is “Do you want to promote surround or promote the website?” I would favour even an average binaural conversion over stereo, but then it is not my website.

    Also, I do not believe there can be anything other than “average” binaural if you want a one-size-fits-all solution. Better than average requires an individual HRTF.

  5. its a good point about binaural never being better than ‘average’ when you dont have individual HRTFs.

    There is still a benefit to haveing stereo for surround, because if someone is sitting at work, and they land on Ambisonia, having access to a quick listen of something might make them more likely to have a proper listen in surround when they get home.

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