User Experience and Ambisonics

I’ve been touting on (on the ambisonia list) about the power of bringing better user experience to ambisonics.

My theory is that the only thing that will bring ambisonics to the masses, is by making it as easy as is physically possible to play ambisonics.

I’m not even so sure anymore that what ambisonics needs is a ‘hit record’. Well, ofcourse, ambisonics needs great content, but that content wont bring the masses if they cant play it back.

Ofcourse, this strategy is very much Apple’s strategy. They’ve been doing it for years. Offer a better user experience… that’s how they compete. I’ve just been going through the new announcements at the Apple presentation from yesterday…  and I read something that struck me very strongly…. it is this quote from the singer KT Tunstall who performed at the event:

“I’m very much looking forward to the ‘iLoop pedal’…It’s fantastic that Steve Jobs is making it more fun to pay for music than steal it!”

And that is telling… Steve Jobs is battling piracy by making it more fun (read: a better user experience) to pay for music than steal it.

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