People dont buy the content, they buy easy access to the content.

I’ve just read this interview… its an interview with Steve Jobs (him, again). There’s an other very telling question.answer/comment on there:

Q: Many people already have Beatles music on CDs. Will they really buy it online if they already own it?

Steve Jobs: I do expect them to, yes. That’s been the case with other music, as well.

(interviewer) I own every Bob Dylan album ever, but I buy a lot of it on iTunes, because I guess I’m just too lazy to rip it from the CD.

Wow … that’s astounding … so the interviewer says that whilst he has every Bob Dylan album ever, and he could legally and freely burn them to his iPod… he still buys them from iTunes… simply because it is easier.

This is possible because there is a very tight integration between the iPod (the hardware player) and iTunes (the software/shop). If this was extended to Ambisonia, then I would team up with a hardware manufacturer (Ambsonic AV receiver) in such a way that it was _supremely_ easy to get the tunes on Ambisonia. So easy, in fact, that you wouldn’t bother downloading the torrents etc.

So, I guess that would be Meridian. Imagine that when you buy a Meridian AV receiver, you just plug in a firewire connector… then when you go to Ambisonia, you click on a little icon next to one of the files you want. 15 minutes later, your Meridian has downloaded it (onto its internal harddrive)… and you click play.

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3 Responses to People dont buy the content, they buy easy access to the content.

  1. Ryan Turner says:

    Another example of “People dont buy the content, they buy easy access to the content.” is the new ringtone feature in iTunes for the iPhone.

    You have to pay for the song (99c) and then ANOTHER 99c for the “ringtone” which you cut from the song (at any point).

    I can do this for free using audio software (on the original song which I pay 99c for), but iTunes makes it super easy for EVERYONE. And bingo – Apple makes another 99c!!!

    Amazing (from the perspective of an intelligent computer user) but true!!

  2. Ryan Turner says:

    I suppose that I did have to purchase the audio software… so Apple’s solution not only makes it easy but also makes is possible and affordable for users without audio software.

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