Ambisonic Player Harddrive

The Ambisonic Player Harddrive is purchased online. It costs around the same as most consumer devices in the iPod range … maybe a few hundred dollars.

It is a smallish box… but well designed. It looks like it does something funky.

Once you receive this box, you plug it into your AV receiver via a digital connection (SPDIF or ADAT)…. and you also plug an ethernet connection into it.

It comes with a few excellent surround sound Ambisonic samples. They scroll on the reader … you hit play and WHAMO! there’s the glorious ambisonic surround you were waiting for… so easy.

When you purchased this little box, it told you something about getting 10 free tunes from Ambisonia. You look up the instruction manual, and it says to log into Ambisonia and type in a certain number into a little box on the right hand side (once you have logged in). So you do that.

Bling! … Ambisonia tells you that you have  $10 worth of free credits … all you need to do is click on the ‘buy’ icon next to the tunes on the Ambisonia Website, and that tune will get automagically delivered to your Ambisonic Player Harddrive.

So you try it… you click on ‘buy’ …. and Ambisonia says ‘delivering now’. You go back to the little box, and hey presto … it says ‘receiving Colossus by Henry Walmsley’. 5 minutes later, you click play … and there it is.

That tune cost you 30c. Why would you bother downloading it via Bittorrent? This is so much easier.

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