Is Ambisonia growing?

ambisonia_growth.jpgYes. but slowly. This chart shows the number of unique visits per day over an 18 month period (basically since I started using tracking software) .

The recent spike in activity relate to the AAC streaming tests, which I think are very positive.

I think there is going to be a reticence, especially from the Sursound people, about the idea of streaming quality audio from a browser… but it will only take 1 attempt to realise that the quality is actually quite good…. then they’ll keep coming back.

The streaming capability is very very important, because:

  1. it is immediate,
  2. you dont need bittorrent,
  3. you dont need to wait for the bittorrent download to finish,
  4. you dont fill up your hard-drive,
  5. you can share the experience really easily (email someone with a URL) ,
  6. you can preview the piece at work (on headphones) before you go home and listen to it in surround,
  7. people can listen to a piece _without_ having the piece on their harddrive which actually makes licensing/legals much easier
  8. people have to come back to the site to listen to the piece again (increasing page views/potential advertising revenue)

The only downside is that I am now paying for the bandwidth! actually, that’s a significant down side. But this is why I have published this test streaming page, so that I can get a real-world sense of how much the streaming costs will be.

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