Priorities become clearer over time.

I have found it very difficult to prioritise the tasks on Ambisonia. Theoretically it is simple. Make a list, order the list from most important to least important. And I do that. But the interesting thing is that 1 week later, a new piece of information comes into the fold that dramatically changes the priorities (like the streaming AAC tests).

But I _have_ noticed that when I leave something long enough, there’s some kind of natural breakdown of priorities, and I reach a point where I say to myself, “this is rediculous, I really need to just do xxxx before anything else”.

Today, and for about 2 weeks now, that xxxx is clean up the HTML design of the site. (directly after that, is the mini uploader to make it easy to upload).

“but why?” … you might ask. The site looks fine as it is, get on with the business model, or marketing etc.  Why waste more time re-doing the HTML design of the site?

There are some very good reasons.

  1. The way the site is implemented is currently very messy,
  2. As the site advances, there will constantly be some adding and removing of HTML bits on the webpages. For example, right now I have to:
    1. remove the binaural and stereo download icons (which I have avoided because doing this will break the layout of the page (because of poorly designed HTML))
    2. design in AAC streaming,
    3. change frontpage design (marketing message etc.)
    4. make space for selling DVD-A’s
    5. make space for selling other stuff (like potentially amps/speakers etc.).
    6. make space for selling payed downloads (long term)
  3. Introduce a file structure that allows caching pages for super-fast rendering for when the site becomes more popular.

To make the site easily re-designable, flexible for adding and removing HTML components etc. I need to do quite a bit of work. But this work only needs to be done once. Once I have setup a good HTML design and development environement and process, then this will facilitate ongoing evolution. This is very important.

A site’s design (layout, message, information priority) is never finished. And it has to be seen to be moving to communicate the message that the site is *active*.

Ok, on with it.

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One Response to Priorities become clearer over time.

  1. hugh says:

    So, my #1 site peeve: I get a banner “This site requires Microsoft MSXML 5.0, do you trust it?” every time I visit with IE. This (or something else?) also makes it *really* slow. Can you make that go away? 🙂

    Good luck with the redesign…!

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