Poll results

Its hard to know just how useful the results of this poll are, since I dont exactly know which community they came from. I’m guessing its around 50% the sursound community and 50% the Doom9 community.poll.jpg

Some (perhaps shaky) conclusions:

  1. 31% of people (the biggest single group) prefer to just put a disc in a DVD player.
  2. 58% of people use their computers . So we are well and truly into the digital age. The problem being that the way people play surround from their computers varies a lot.
  3. AC3 is the most well known format.

Ofcourse, the poll asked which format people are most comfortable with. Not which formats they can play. So whilst AC3 is the most chosen format, it doesn’t mean that there is (or isn’t) less support for DTS. Unfortunately, the poll software I used only allowed a single choice (bad excuse, I know).

Anyone else want to draw some conclusions?


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