New design coming soon

I’m still here 🙂 … working instead of blogging (producing instead of communicating).

The features of the new design are:

  1. New layout. Space for more on the front page (like news, sellable items etc.)
  2. Items listed by category (classical, sound effects, popular music)
  3. Clearer marketing message for newcomers to the site (‘this is what you will get if you make the effort to listen to these recordings’)
  4. Streaming AAC off the page.
  5. better navigation. Once you are on the detail page you can do “next by Author” and “next by category”
  6. faster pages. I am properly implementing the HTML pages by separating the CSS (styling info) and the HTML (content info). This means the pages will render faster, will be more consistent from browser to browser, will be easier to tweak/adjust/extend and when I eventually install a Cache Proxy server… the pages should render in under 1 second.

Please bear with me until I get this stuff out. There’s a bit of work there, but once this is done, there shouldn’t be much need to modify the site for about 1 year. Then I will be focusing on the commercial infrastructure.

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