Page 2 of Google search results for “surround sound”

STOP PRESS: Ambisonia only appears on page 2 of On, it is still page 9.  

I just did a little check to see where ranked on Google’s results for ‘Surround Sound’. Ambisonia currently appears on the top of the second page…. wow!
The first time I did this check, I think it was on page 29 … then it dropped to page 12 or something … and I was elated when Ambisonia eventually appeared on page 9.

Actually, I’m a little concerned. Traffic on Ambisonia from search engines recently doubled from around 15% to over 30%…. undoubtedly from Google search results. is actually a reasonably slow site because it is hosted at home (on a 512Kb link!) and there is no caching of any results whatsoever.

Slow page response is a sure way to lose audience. The new design (which I am working on implementing currently) will solve that a little. But what I really need, to achieve a world class site, is to install and configure a proxy/caching server.

argghhh … well, what I really need is a team of Gremlins who know how to write code. Its tough being a one man show…. all I can do is step by step (anyway, have to go back to paid work for the rest of today, got bills to pay).

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