Day 1 of time management strategy very productive

Friday was my first day executing David Allen’s time management strategy. I was probably more productive on that day than on any day in the past 6 months.

I attribute this to the fact that rather than working on one of my 15 ‘projects’ (of which 1/3 relate to Ambisonia) and feeling like I’m drowning, I worked on individual tasks across all of those 15 projects.

This means that I wasn’t stressed about 1 project losing my attention, because I knew that I had a couple of little tasks coming up relating to that project. The key point being that your mind is then freed to spend its total capacity on the task, rather than worrying about how much work there is.

The challenge now is to repeat Friday’s performance. Get into a rythm, and not let the process collapse. Maintain the effort. This will be more difficult, but I’ve reached that point now, where I know that I have to do it… I’m sick of the dribbling struggle.

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