General update


I used to think that all babies looked the same. And they did. but not Dylan, he looks really different … no really! see! >

When Dylan arrived, there was a huge storm, the Ambisonia server got cut off and … as if I needed more distraction, my laptop died! my laptop died…

index_frontrow20071026.jpgSo I rushed out and bought a macbook pro. Love that Quicksilver business. I had to buy a laptop quickly because my income depends on it. This is good and bad. Bad because it makes the purchase of a new speaker array further out. good because my previous laptop was 7 years old!

BTW thanks to everyone’s kind comments in the previous post 🙂

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One Response to General update

  1. RodeoClown says:

    Yep, they really do all look different 🙂
    Even when you spawn multiple instances from the same parents.

    Congrats again mate.

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