My 6 projects

Here are the 6 major projects, under which, daily, I define the ‘next action’ to reach the end-goal. They are listed in highest to lowest priority.

  1. Uploader. A small downloadable uploader application. Runs on Windows and OSX. Drag and drop your *.amb files onto it… and hit ‘publish’. It takes care of everything for you. Files will no longer get uploaded to my local Ambisonia server. They will get uploaded to Amazon S3 (this is part of the big move to commercial grade services). Amazon S3 will cost money, and will mean less accurate download count … but will have the added benefit of no more strange ‘it wont seed’ problems I am constantly having with bittorent.
  2. Automated Translators. DTS conversions, and MP4 conversions (for live streaming in Quicktime) will be done automatically. I will use Amazon’s EC2 service (Elastic Compute Cloud) to automatically launch software to convert files when needed. No more extended delays waiting for me to get to the files to translate them.
  3. Implement new Design. This is essentially HTML, CSS and design work. Refers to the new design as specified in this post.
  4. Install Caching. Install some software that will cache pages that are visited many times without changeing. This will speed up performance thousand-fold and will make Ambisonia capable of serving hundreds more visiters.
  5. Migrate Website to a commercial server. The first step involves migrating the content to Amazon S3. This step involves migrating the actual website (the software that serves the web pages) to a commercial web server … thereby ensuring much faster access times, and less (or no) outages.
  6. E-commerce integration. Integrate an e-commerce system that allows members of the ambisonic community to support each other by offering ‘tips’ to pieces they particularly like. This is actually a large task, since not only does there have to be integration with payment systems, but there also needs to be some kind of micro-payment solution that allows people to pay 20c (without doing a 20c transaction on a credit card).

Each of these 6 projects are already underway and they are each advancing slowly. Defining the actual end goals as I have done here should enable me to better prioritise my efforts … as well as define ‘next actions’ that are more geared to specifically moving towards the end-goal.

lets see how I go.

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