status of the weaknesses

As you may have noticed, I’m interested in nailing what my weaknesses are, in developing Ambisonia.

Casting my thinking into business orientation is clearly one of my weaknesses. Simply put, there _is_ no current business model for Ambisonia. There is no channel for revenue.

Perhaps a valid criticism might be to stop doing development and just concentrate on the business aspect… but the issue I have is that there is a lot of work setting up the infrastructure for supporting those business channels. Setting up an e-commerce system, better site stability, scalable performance etc. So any income revenue is still a distance off.

The good news is I am starting to develop better productivity habits… manageing my workload better.  That said, whilst I have been documenting all of my projects and tasks, I am still not really defining each of my projects by their end – goal…. and that is what I am trying to nail right now. I’ll report on the top level end-goals as soon as I have them fleshed out.

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