More about the Uploader

I forgot to say a few key points  about the Ambisonia Uploader.

  1. It will not use any Bittorrent technology (although that will still be used for downloads)
  2. It will upload directly to Amazon S3 (I’ve been talking about doing this for a long time now) … an online storage service by Amazon.

Migrating to Amazon S3 will greatly simplify the Ambisonia server, because it will no longer need to run a Bittorrent Tracker, and a Bittorrent downloader. Amazon S3 comes with a built-in tracker, so having everyone seed the torrents will still save Ambisonia lots of bandwidth cost. And I wont ever need to be stressing about the amount of storage space I have left on my server hardrive.

But it is this migration to Amazon S3 which is a bit of a hump in the current Ambisonia development path. Download stats now have to be weened from Amazon S3’s HTTP server log… I have to write scripts to do that. I also need to upload all of the current content up to S3.

One good point is each contributor will now have their own folder, so file-name duplication will no longer be a problem. Also, when I get the streaming MP4 conversions going … they can stream directly from Amazon S3 and benefit from Amazon’s fast bandwidth.

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