Flash intro for ambisonia.com

Been working on a Flash intro to try and graphically communicate what Ambisonics can do ….

You can see it here. Note that the real version is only 500 pixels wide (you might want to shrink your browser window).

This is why I was looking for 3 good quotes a while back … for this Flash Intro …. it is finished bar the quotes. Anyone got any good quotes?

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One Response to Flash intro for ambisonia.com

  1. digitalmediadigest says:

    Not sure how the final look and feel of the site is to be, but I would encourage you to abandon the Flash ‘Intro’ aspect. There’s no good way to communicate a premium sound product through the consumer’s computer speakers so I would stick to more of a flash demo that people can click on to watch as part of the site itself and focus that demo on the setup and the ease of use and other features, letting the quotes speak for themselves. Returning visitors to the site will not want to have to skip this every time so don’t make them. Evaluate why a customer would want to come back and provide that service for them very easily while making it easy for new or potential customers to really get to know your product.

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