The Duet Controller…

Is a strange gadget that is kind of like a remote control for the Squeezebox that has a small LCD that displays info via RSS feeds. Hugh Pyle has a great write up.

The interesting thing about the Duet is a) the combination of hardware components and b) that it is sufficiently open to hack into. Runs Linux, talks WIFI, reads SD cards, has LCD … has a spin wheel etc.

I fell on that review by accident, but the funny thing is that Hugh is the author of an Ambisonic plugin for the squeezebox. The official page for Hugh’s plugin doesn’t mention Ambisonics, but I suspect that the Ambisonic decoding is built in to the “EQ and Digital Room Correction” plugin… here’s a forum post that discusses it.

The squeezebox is the kind of device that has the potential to make it easy for consumers to access Ambisonic surround sound distributed via the Internet … but from what I understand, the squeezebox is limited to stereo output (is that right?) …. meaning that only surround formats that can be distributed over 2 channels can be used (DTS, UHJ etc.).

Would be great to have a consumer device that could deliver full periphonic surround … over a cube speaker array (8 channels). There’s always the Amplifier / Speaker issues though (few consumer amps can deliver 8 channels).

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2 Responses to The Duet Controller…

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  2. nice one … how can we get the artist name in there?

    I guess it sucks up the artist name from the mp3 …. hmmm … makes me think that the spec for the Ambisonic Vorbis should contain meta info for the artist … (and album name). Maybe it already does.

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