Spamed by Mahalo!

I just received an email from … totally unsolicited. I havn’t visited in a couple of months. The strange thing is that Jason Calacanis consistently says he built Mahalo to get rid of information spam (mahalo is a human-powered search engine). And now I get an unsolicited email from them? … aaaah, c’mon Jason! Are you sincere? how can you be when your product contradicts itself? (at our expense!)
Here’s the contents of it

Shellab thinks you’re interesting and wanted an easy way to stay up to date with the links you recommend to Mahalo.

Who is Shellab? …. on what basis does “Shellab” think I am interesting? I think I may have recommended maybe 1 link on Mahalo … just to see how it works. This makes me strongly suspect that it was a machine that sent me this email… not Shellab! SPAM ALERT!

To view Shellab’s profile or add Shellab as a friend, go to:

Add Shellab as a friend? On what logical basis would a human powered search engine further its goal (of good search results) by allowing me to add someone (god knows who) as a “friend”. Is it because I agree with their human powered search result contributions? (wouldn’t that distort the results?) Hmmm … or is it because “social networks” are the all the rage?

You can leave Shellab as a fan or add Shellab as a friend. If you add Shellab as a friend, the links Shellab recommends will be included in the Friends’ Recommended Links section of your profile.

Social networking gone mad.

Jason, why does the page on breastfeeding have a ‘recommended’ link towards “Ban Breastfeeding“? I was so surprised to see those 2 words that I followed the link … only to discover that it was some hoax movement created by some fake organisation …. argh … what a waste of time!

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4 Responses to Spamed by Mahalo!

  1. Andrew Shell says:

    Actually, I’m shellab. I’m not a machine. I’ve added many people as friends because when I go to friends’ recommended links I like the interesting links that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I’m sorry that my adding you as a friend caused you unnecessary stress. Perhaps I’ve gotten carried away.

  2. Hi, Etienne!

    I’m so sorry you had a bad experience.

    You can unsubscribe from Mahalo Social emails by using the link at the bottom of the email.

  3. With regards to the “Ban Breastfeeding” link: Since the “Ban Breastfeeding” movement got quite a bit of publicity, it seemed like users might find the link relevant. We look for feedback from users like you to inform us of what links they find useful, and which ones they find problematic.

    I’ve let Daryn, our Health lead, know your thoughts so she can take action on it.

    Thanks again for your input!



  4. well, Andrew Shell (known as Shellab), I think you are lying, and furthering SPAM and general hidden spun nuisance because if you had bothered to look at my account’s recommended links …. you would have noticed that I have actually never recommended _any_ links.

    I’d hazard a guess that it was some management decision, or some marketing strategy decision to try to incite people to add as many ‘friends’ as they could.

    Andrew, you certainly must have felt motivated to add as many people as possible as friends … but its actually not your fault. Whoever put in place the framework that motivates people to try and add as many friends as possible is at fault.

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