Inventions intended to mother necessity

I work in the Tech industry. Many of my peers/colleagues are IT/Tech people. When I tell people that I have a project called Ambisonia, they show a bit of interest. They go check it out.

Then when it comes up again, many people say things along the lines of “yeah, I can see lots of people have surround sound systems”, or “no, there’s not a big enough market for that kind of stuff”, or “it needs more of this or that”.

Some people, those that “get it” say “oh yeah, that’s really cool stuff”.

The weird thing, perhaps its an Internet ‘start-up’ disease … is people only seeing a project as a ‘successful venture or not’. You can have the coolest site, the coolest product, the coolest thing … but none of it really matters if you cant make a successful venture from it. I think a lot of people in the Tech industry think like that. I think its a disease.

Truth be told, I often think like that.

Thinking like that sucks because the ‘roadmap’ of Ambisonia is completely different seen as a ‘tech business’ compared to a ‘cool site’. I think I often, very often, am torn between those two ways of managing Ambisonia.

One is kind of ego/financially driven, the other is kind of creatively/inspired driven.

I’ve always really disliked the philosophy that many business oriented people have, of only engaging in a venture if there’s a market for it.

“oh no, I dont believe there is a big enough market in that area to go into that”.

I never really knew what it is about that business world view that I find really degrading… but today I landed on a page that describes an -other- business world view, which I find very inspiring. Unfortunately … the description refers to a difference between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, which isn’t all that interesting I know … but here is a quote (about Steve Jobs’ inventions) :

They were also inventions intended to mother necessity — and reasonably so. That’s how all radical innovations work. (Less forward marketers, including Bill Gates, wait for necessity to mother invention, and the best of those invent and implement beautifully, even though that beauty is rarely appreciated.)

I believe in that. Stuff the markets… or how big or how small they are. It’s so much more inspiring to _not_ respond to markets and just get into something and run with it. I guess very few people will have the brilliance that Steve Jobs has … and be able to turn an invention into a necessity. But why not try?

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