Surround Sound Mic usage pattern.

So, my last post is all about inventing products that create markets rather than following markets to define products.

What would a surround sound product causing  market be?

I think it is a surround sound microphone, that is really easy to use and is connected to the Internet in such a way that someone can make a recording, then click “share” on the little recording device and WHAMO … that recording goes up online and gets downloaded to people’s living rooms.

I reckon doing that would be addictive. It would be creative. It would be satisfying. It would be communicative. It would be sexy (technology wise).

… ooh .. hang on, I have to go change a nappy ….

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One Response to Surround Sound Mic usage pattern.

  1. Ken Hatley says:

    I found our blog while searching for some information actually on something else related to Record Company Financials.

    I laud your article on how the A & R now works and the majors, you nailed that.

    But more importantly, I launched a small independent labe named Catbone Unreleased this year. We are finishing the website no, but it is up.

    I found great ineterest that your blog states your background for publishing, as a means to upload Surround Sound Files. This is exactly where we are going with some of our Blues Artists, which we have re mastered and all artists we are signing. I just wanted to say thanks and pass on my congratulations for such a great and informative blog.

    Will you be following up on topics of Surround Sound and the progresses being made?
    Thank You,
    Ken Hatley

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