I’ve noticed that I tend to be most productive when there’s some kind of urgency.

I have had on the back of my mind (and on my TODO lists) a task named “get a ladder to clean the gutters”. Ladders are expensive and cleaning gutters is an unpleasant task.

Kath got a 10500L water tank installed last week. The next day, it was forecast to rain heavily in the afternoon. If I didn’t clean the gutters soon, then the new piping would get clogged up with leaves and dirt. What I’d been putting off for weeks I completed in about 1.5 hours. I went to the local hardware store, I purchased a ladder tall enough to reach the gutters, I stuffed it into our tiny little car, and I cleaned the gutters.

I’d say I spent more time thinking about, planning and deliberating cleaning the gutters than it actually took to do it. Its amazig what a little urgency can achieve.

But how can I ‘get’ that kind of urgency on Ambisonia? The bulk of Ambisonia has been developed on bouts of inspired energy (a creative kind of ‘urgency’). How can I manufacture urgency?

My “Getting Things Done” time management strategy is producing results. But it is slow. When functioning on urgency, I can achieve huge amounts in 1 weekend. The time management strategy produces lots of little milestones … which wont add up for maybe 6 months.

So I now have 2 entirely different ways of working. Both productive, but in very different ways. I feel I need to find a middle ground. Some way of working such that I can find some inspired ‘urgency’ …. but not so much that it wears me out …. something more spread out and consistent…

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