Is Project Management my weakness?

At first I thought the weakness with Ambisonia was my business sense. So I researched and educated myself on the basics of business. The result was the design of a far more business oriented layout… see here. Its only a design and still far away from any real revenue, but it is the beginning of thinking in business terms. The issue then became *producing* that layout.

So I decided to research and educate myself on time management skills. I now have put in place a mechanism (which I’m still fine tuning) that allows me to juggle many tasks with much reduced stress and more consistent advancement. Things are moving, but very slowly. And I have a missing sense of urgency.

So now I am thinking that what I am missing is project management skills. The kind that can force a deadline … and instill urgency for meeting that deadline. In my professional life I have come across project management challenges very often.

Good project management has always eluded me. The basic concepts of a project plan, resource allocation, time estimations, budgets etc. are all familiar, but I’ve never really managed to make then play together nicely.

…funny, Ambisonia is kind of turning into a personal challenge. Challenging myself to see if I can pull off something properly.

Anyone know any good project management texts?

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