Talking and Doing.

Its one thing to talk, its an other thing altogether to act. Value is in the execution of ideas…. a good idea without execution is just an idea. Ten good ideas without execution is worse, it is ‘just talk’. Execution is difficult.

So often, I commit myself, I commit my optimism and my enthusiasm to ‘ideas’ or ‘talk’ that others have thrown at me. So often, that talk is followed by silence, inaction, or such delayed action that one feels left out to dry. The next time that person talks… one listens a little less, and a little less, and a little less… to the point where one stops listening. Its tiring to hear promises, and its tiring to get excited at things which simply are not likely to happen.

I was thinking about this … I was wondering if those who have stated (to me) that they would do something and not done it, do they realise it?… do they realise that for every un-fulfilled expectation, one listens a little less?

I suspect that they don’t. Because otherwise they would cease to talk, or they would deliver.

Then it dawned on me that if the perpetrators of this pattern do not realise it, then I may be one of those perpetrators… because I do not think that I do this. At least not that much. So I started putting a list together of all the things that I have said I would do … specifically on Ambisonia (let alone my other projects).

And now I think I have a problem. The list is long, and there are many items which are over 1 year old.

I dont want to lose people’s confidence because I dont deliver, or talk too much. I dont want collaborative opportunities to be lost because of a lack of ‘seriousness’ or lack of ‘commitment’ and lack of ‘confidence’ in my input.

So I am going to forge, in my thoughts, a consciousness of deliverability. With that will come a steadfast hesitation to committing to new projects… and greater focus on the task at hand.

Ok, enough talk :).

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