I need a partner

This solitary effort just isn’t working anymore. There’s a lack of time and a lack of expertise.

I can Product Manage ambisonia, but doing the backend coding takes too much time, and designing business models isn’t my domain (although I find this interesting).

Actually, I need 2 partners.

1) Business partner. I need someone who:

  • is interested in Ambisonics (and convinced by its ability to generate significant market interest)
  • understands the way the music industry works, and is ready and inspired to tackle ‘new business models’
  • can inject a bit of money into the venture to get the wheels in motion.

2) Developer partner. Someone who can do the backend work, come up with creative and resourceful technology solutions… a web2 developer.

Then I need to sit down with the business partner and define business goals within specified timeframes.

If the goals can not / are not met, then that will be my cue to move on to a new project.

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