Allocation of resources.

I’ve posted a lot about what my I believe my weaknesses are (in developing Ambisonia).

At first, I thought it was my non-understanding of Business Models. So I did a lot of reading/research. That wasn’t it (although that research will become important eventually).

Then I thought it was my poor time management skills. So I read about and implemented the ‘Getting Things Done’ philosophy. That helped a great deal, but still didn’t move the site ahead that much.

My latest theory is getting much closer to my next milestone in learning how to set up a business…. essentially, I am realising that you cant do anything without proper allocation of resources.

That’s both finances and time. By allocating the occasional half a day, uninterrupted, I am finding I can do a lot of work. I am now extending that to creating a proper, isolated ‘office space’, with regular weekly allocation of time … all to working on

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