Paying for services with value.

A blogger, Alexander van Elsa, asks “Would you be willing to pay for a Web2.0 service that provides value?“. To which his answer is he suspects that yes.

Kevin Kelly, suggested a while ago, that all an artist needs is 1000 true fans… and they could make a living in the long tail (i.e. not in the mainstream). Many artists responded that getting 1000 true fans is a huge task… maintaining contact with them all and outputting enough steady quality work to keep 1000 fans is very difficult.

But the suggestion is interesting.

I’m going to work backwards. To support my family and mortgage, I need to earn AUS100,000 / year. My work on Ambisonia is not, strictly speaking ‘art’, … but lets say I managed to get 1000 true Ambisonia fans.

The point being that if I could dedicate my efforts, full time, to Ambisonia then it would move forwards very fast.

They would each have to contribute $100/year …. or $8 / month.

The questions is …who are these fans (consumers or publishers)? …and what service are they paying for? Ambisonia has to remain very open and free so that it can pull new audiences to Ambisonics. So my question is … what would you pay $8/month for? What services would you like to see on Ambisonia that it doesn’t already have? ..or how much _would_ you pay for related services? (maybe its only $5/month)

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