Ambisonia Uploader 90% complete

The Uploader is around 90% complete. I’ve interspersed screenshots through this blog post.

That said, it wont be deployed for a couple of months yet. This is because the Uploader uploads to Amazon’s S3 (not the Ambisonia Server). What I need to do now is to migrate all of Ambisonia’s existing content to Amazon S3 (which will take a little while because of certain challenges).

Further. The aim of having the content on Amazon S3 is that I can stream directly to playback from within the browser.

I am also writing automatic transcoders (instead of the current manual DTS conversion which relies on irregular and inconsistent transcoding) so that the streaming versions will be consistently available no more than 60 minutes after uploading.

I was initially keen on AAC for the streaming. The problem with AAC is that it can not be streamed via Optical to an AV receiver. Some people will want to play back the 5.1 file on their computer to computer speakers (not good quality I know), but many people will want to go optical to the AV receiver.

AC3 can go optical to the AV receiver .. and I am currently doing a test to see if it can STREAM to the browser then go optical to the AV receiver.

I did some tests and Quicktime can also decode AC3 directly to computer speakers (at least on a MAC). So if the tests work then I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone by using AC3.

Again, progress is slow… but it is moving.

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One Response to Ambisonia Uploader 90% complete

  1. Henry says:

    I’m looking forwards to hearing some of the binaural transcodes. That’s handy for casual listening when at the office.

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