long-sighted vision.

Long sighted vision is my strength. But it is also a weakness. I am so focused on the long-term that I trip over small barriers in the short term.

That said, I think it is better to have long-term vision rather than short-term vision. As the exquisitely produced below diagram shows, short short-term vision will not foresee potentially huge barriers in the far-future.

Long term vision does not see small barriers in the near-future

As a result of this realisation I am starting to take 2 actions:

  1. I am taking advantage of my long-term vision to plan properly. In other words, I am, and have been for several weeks, forgeing a detailed business plan for Ambisonia. I am seeking help from various business professionals, and the ‘future Ambisonia’ is starting to take a very (financially) defined shape.
  2. I am starting to seek outside help for delivering projects in the short term. I am basically contracting work out to others. This is expensive, but I am gambling that it will pay off (in both timeliness and quality).
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2 Responses to long-sighted vision.

  1. John Leonard says:

    Interesting; I look forward to seeing what’s going to happen. As a matter of interest, I’ve uploaded 200 stereo sound effects to a free download website as an experiment. The person who runs the site is planning to move it to a subscription model in the near future and wants to expand the library. In the first few weeks that I’ve had material on the site, one of my effects – a fairly ordinary file of urban birdsong – has been downloaded over two thousand times and many others are now in the high hundreds of downloads. I don’t know how he’s planning to work the subscription model, or what will happen when the site stops being free, but I think that the sheer simplicity of the audition and download system makes it an extremely popular location.

    You can check it out at http://www.soundsnap.com


  2. Hi John,

    I’m familiar with soundsnap. Actually they are in the same position that all of us are… their FAQ states that they plan to support the site with advertising and premium services subscriptions.

    I will soon post a rough description of my planned business models… but essentially, it will include the ‘freemium’ model. Most services are free, but with a cheap subscription, you can access extra features.

    Ease-of-access or user-experience is what makes a site tick over and gather momentum (and stay sticky). Ambisonia has very poor ease-of-access … the whole torrent thing has been great for minimising bandwidth … but what we need it playback from the browser.

    Playback from the browser is technically solved (with AAC). But I do expect the site to be significantly more popular once that is in place… so there are are web-site scaling issues to resolve.

    All this is coming. But as I constantly state, my challenge is one of ‘time’ and ‘effort’. None the less, I am still committed.

    (dont ask me what kind of committed 🙂

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