Search volume on “Surround Sound” decreasing

According to Google Trends less and less people have been googling “Surround Sound” since 2004. But at the same time, there’s an increasing volume of “news references”.

I’m not sure what this means. It could mean that the Audio (hardware) industry is really pushing the sale of surround sound hardware into people’s homes, but the general public is kinda losing interest. But that’s a very un-informed “first thought” possibility.

It could also mean that the market has matured so the general public no longer needs to ‘google’ for info.

Also clear is the fact that people google for “Surround Sound” around Christmas time. Clearly, home theatre equipment is a favourite for Christmas presents.

BTW … that big spike in news volume at the end of 2007 is for a sound bar … geez. The audio hardware industry is really obsessed with delivering a ‘surround speaker-less’ surround sound set-up. They clearly believe that speaker cables are huge barrier to entry!

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