Chronic distraction

One of the principle challenges that I face, in trying to take Ambisonia to the next level, is focus.

I enjoy keeping up to date with all the latest new ‘communication’ patterns created by the Internet … blogs, microblogging (twitter, friend feed etc.), blog aggregator sites ( etc. If there’s anything I want/need to know … I google it. I google much and often… maybe 10 times an hour. Both my ‘paid’ work and ambisonia work involve being online non-stop.

This article expresses what I have long suspected. There is a deep weariness that I get from constantly flicking over to different information, for different tasks on different levels.

I found out, quite recently that I can significantly increase my productivity by making it more difficult to access my email.

I predict that there will rise an industry based on helping people to limit online distraction by strictly regimenting access to multiple sources of information… but I’ve got no idea what that would look like.

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