Cut to the chase.

Like an eagle hovering before the kill, I’ve been making circles above my target business model for Ambisonia for a while now.

Its not simple. There are so many minor business model tweaks that might have srious impacts. I need to speak to an expert … but who?

There are essentially 2 ‘transactions’ I’m aiming for. One is for Ambisonia (subscriptions), the second is for the content creators (tips). I ‘sense’ that its too complicated… having 2 separate transactions. I need to simplify the model… but how ?

Perhaps credits for the tunes could come out of the subscription fee. For every $5/month subscription, $2 is credits to allocate to the tunes.  Or should it be $3 for a subscription … but then I encourage people to buy at least $2/month of tippings? I think that’s too complicated.

One other option is that downloads remain free, but anyone with their personal HRTFs can upload them and then get all of Ambisonia’s content rendered to binaural with their personal HRTFs. But how many people would go for this? Its a limited audience … and the site will start being very complicated.

This gentleman (a vc) says that the services have to remain as simple as possible. He also suggests that the services should be pluggable. Having pluggable services means that other people can produce UI’s and features that leverage the existing infrastructure. i’m not sure how that could be done on Ambisonia… perhaps an API for accessing recording’s metadata? … ideally, it would be an API that could allow others to create their own decodes of Ambisonia tunes … but these people would need heavy infrastructure to do that.

That gentleman also argues that services like Twitter actually empower themselves with super simple constraints. Twitter has a 140 character limit. A powerful constraint that allows it to adapt to other platforms very easily. How could this kind of thinking relate to Ambisonia? Perhaps limited time for surround sound tunes? 20 seconds? hmmm … too restrictive… but would make the use of an external API much more likely.

8tracks unlike Pandora (which I cant access because I’m not in the US … der … internet-not) suggests putting 8 tracks together to form a set. I dont know why, but psychologically, doing this works. I can ‘imagine’ choosing 8 tracks to make a great set … its more difficult to get excited about putting together an undefined set of tracks to make a great set. Perhaps it is the empowerment of being freed from too much choice. How can I do that on Ambisonia?

The business model has to be simple. How can I merge 2 transactions, subscriptions and tips into the 1 model.

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