Can you fill in the XXXXXXX ?

1 year would give you $8 tipping credit

This is where I’m at. $14.95 will buy you 3 months subscription to Ambisonia.

For that, essentially, you get to download everything in a range of formats.

I havn’t yet decided if whether or not *.amb files should remain as free downloads or not.

What I’m looking for is the XXXXXXXX in the picture on the right. What is it? …. what’s that last little feature that will really add to people’s experience of the site? Its got to be

  1. funky in some way. a ‘super’ feature,
  2. accessible to newcomers. The business model cant rely on features only meaningful to a tiny minority.

Essentially, if that XXXXXX is good, then I can make *.amb files free for downloads. That will be the clincher.

Maybe its an automatic-convolution service where you upload the data you want Ambisonia to convolve each tune with (for Binaural or room correction). I dont know.

Can you help?

Clearly, for $14.95 for 3 months, what you are buying is accessibilty. It really feels like there should be one more little thing involved… some must-have feature that will open up the can to excitement. The questions is what!

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2 Responses to Can you fill in the XXXXXXX ?

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  2. Henry says:

    UHJ via stereo feeds. Most of the stuff on the site is great undoctored hi-fi stuff anyway and hence sounds great. Try to get a show of weird Ambisonic shit on Resonance FM in London. They are partly powered by an Arts coucil grant anyway and hence “Will take absolutely anything:}” If you want, I’ll propose a show of surround sound UHJ material to them on the justified strength that it sounds great on SQ, Dolby Stereo and any other decoder.

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