XXXXX, the missing feature, and market research.

In the last post, I spoke about XXXXX the missing feature that I need to offer. Something that’s

Photo by DREASON on

Photo by DREASON on

really really cool, and brings a new experience to surround sound. Something that opens up to the next level. … maybe its inline track mixing, maybe its some kind of social integration, maybe its some DSP API. I dont know.

My point is that “I dont know”.

And that now officially brings to light something that I have never quiet understood before. The importance of market research. All advice I have read on Business Models stress the importance of market research.

To do the market research, I have to understand who the market is. This is difficult, because those involved in Ambisonics come from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests.

The Business Model could be aimed at the content uploaders OR the consumers. The interesting thing is that different purveyors of the Freemium model aim differently. aims exclusvely at the content uploaders. Other sites like (music sites) amie st etc. aim at the consumers.

It makes more sense for Ambisonia to aim at the content consumers, because it is early days for ambisonics and there arn’t that many producers out there.

Who are those consumers, and what can I offer them that has real value?

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