Sursound list fatigue. Market opportunity.

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A member of the Sursound list asks what market problem Ambisonics solves. I have my opinions.

But I know 1 problem that desperately needs a solution.

How to make sense of the endless tireless debating flying in all directions on lists.

Is there a product out there that can ‘order’ lists like the sursound list … in such a way that ‘conclusions’ can be easily derived, published and consulted? Maybe a group-ranking of list comments… or something more sophisticated.

There is something about the order of lists that incites people to have endless debates that sprout like cancerous mushrooms. I think it is the nature of email. At one of my workplaces, we had a policy that if you could not solve a disagreement in one or two emails, then take it off-line … go one-on-one.

Going one-on-one is not possible when you have 100 members spread all over the world. So email arguments sprout, with line by line parsing of the detractor’s positions on topics that dont deserve the attention.

Market opportunity … lists that draw conclusions.

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8 Responses to Sursound list fatigue. Market opportunity.

  1. Michael Chapman says:

    OK it’s been grueling (especially if you have no interest in Finnish school teachers) but a consesus (to a degree) seems to be within grasp.

    naming: ACN
    sequence: ACN
    weighting: any
    file format: CAF

    As one list member seems set to write the code (and as he wants it for early next year) the final decision will, in large part, be his.

    But I’d like to think -amongst the side comments- we have helped that process.


  2. Martin says:

    I was visiting my Mother for the month of August. She is 87, and has no computer. I therefore missed the whole thing, and am still ploughing (US:plowing) through the backlog. Only five more digests to go; yipee!

    I am very pleased I had no opportunity to contribute because I would have done so, and become embroiled.

    This experience has given me the strategy to follow in the future. Stay away. Despite having read hundreds of posts over the last couple of weeks, I have a short list of four I want to respond to.

  3. Hi Michael,

    undoubtedly, the discussions on sursound have helped the process of specing out the next format.

    Its a very thorough, but very slow process of reaching consensus. Its actually just 1 step removed from the way Linux was built … in the sense that Linux has a hierarchy of members ultimately responsible for its development. Those people live on lists and take or reject development suggestions … that’s what I reckon we are missing on Sursound. … a hierarchy of responsibility.

  4. Martin,

    The best productivity strategy I have discovered in the last several years is DONT READ EMAIL!

    its amazing how much time we spend on email …

    I dont know how some of those people on Sursound survive … but there’s some people who must spend at least 2 hours per day on writing … let alone what they spend on reading.

  5. Henry says:

    First order. First order and UHJ. UHJ is The stereo downmix.

    People, and BBC people no less wanked themselves senseless over UHJ and making it compatible with consumer formats. God bless DTS whaterever the fuck that is, but more people are probably capable of putting UHJ into a Dolby Stereo decoder, which is probably default active anyway on such items.

    Oh, and well done for persevering with the site BTW. Please don’t stop or I’ll have to start posting on the pin spinning sur-sound academia list, and then messiness could occur:}



  6. Henry says:

    If in doubt and it’s a flagrant advert but when requiring some not so quiet relaxation this is a rare cracker that might not be available forever, and Johnny Trunk rocks after all… Best listened to while coding some crap for an obsessional website that’s great:}

  7. Henry says:

    What I forgot to say explicitly was until the fucks on the sursound list stop twatting about with greater than 1st order with respect to the real world implementation we’re gonna be stuck in the corridors of wisdom forever. Knackers to it. I’m just going to make more 1st order stuff until I hit on something interesting that makes it in (UHJ) stereo. Then the B-format might be a secondary culty interest.

  8. How to make sense of the endless tireless debating flying in all directions on lists?

    Read it, then stop reading it. Figure out which part of the problem both really interests you and intersects with a known need. Fill that need.

    Fill that need now! Don’t wait. Don’t debate. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t put together a committee to discuss it. Don’t design it to death. Do it now!

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