Excited, stressed and in a quandry

When I typed in excited and stressed into Flickr, this is the image I get! Cows Again by Or Hiltch.

When I typed in excited and stressed into Flickr, this is the image I get! Cows Again by Or Hiltch.

Excited because I have Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon EBS and my little Ruby uploader working very very nicely together. I have created a script that sucks up *.amb files from S3 (online storage service) into an EC2 instance (a virtual machine on Amazon’s servers), transcodes them into all sorts of consumable formats .. then uploads them back to Amazon S3 … ready to be stream-downloaded. Its clean, fast, efficient and fully automated. It takes a couple of minutes at most before a submitted *.amb file is available for streaming in AAC. Almost instantaneous .. unlike the DTS transcodes that force manula labour on me.

Stressed because my principle employer (who I’ve been working with for 1 year) terminated my contract. Several months ago they asked what I needed from them to drop my other casual employment so that I could give them 100% flexibility. I said just guarantee me 2 days of work a week. We drew up a contract, I signed it. 3 months later they terminate the contract. Thanks guys. Remind me never to work with you again. I think you have been very socially irresponsible (I know, I know, all’s fair in love and war … and capitalism is war. Its a jungle out there).

In a quandry because I officially really dislike Plone.. and I’m wondering if I should kick it once and for all. Ambisonia.com sits on Plone. I’ve been using Plone for 3 years, but the more I get to know it, the more it infuriates me with its layer-upon-layer nothing-is-well-documented over-complicated over-abstracted over-designed obfuscated complexity. Its a platform designed by developers. Developers are not good designers. It takes a special person to ‘design’ software .. someone who understands code, but also understands the act of design. It is easy to put a piece of software together, it is enormously difficult to put a piece of software together in a simple way. That’s design. And that’s what Plone is NOT. I waste soo much time trying to do really simple things in Plone.

The uploader is done in Ruby. I like Ruby. Should I do the website in Ruby on Rails. Arghhh … I just spent some resources hiring a contractor to put together a scalable implementation of Plone. Arggh …

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2 Responses to Excited, stressed and in a quandry

  1. Nick says:

    look forward to seeing the uploader!

    If you need help on with Ruby, there’s a guy in Sydney – Tim Lucas, who I worked with at UNSW who knows this stuff very well. Even if he is too busy he’s very involved with developer groups, so he might know some available people looking for dev jobs however small. Or try one of the Bar Camp events in Sydney – Tim’s pretty involved in these. Tim’s blog: http://toolmantim.com/

    anyway good luck keeping or scrapping plone.

  2. My coding time is more than taken up with VVAudio/TetraMic work (though I did manage a little embedded controller project for our local Maker Faire). However, I had the chance to do some really fun work with Ruby on Rails for my day job a few months ago. I think it would be a good choice for Ambisonia and would be happy to help where I could.

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