On the right is a ‘teaser’ screenshot of the new ambisonia. It probably wont look like that once deployed… but that’s not the point.

Teaser screenshot... may not loko like that, wont be called that.

Teaser screenshot... may not look like that, probably wont be called that.

The point is that I just completed the first successfull full-use-case test. I uploaded an amb file using the Uploader… very easy. When finished, the Uploader gave me a link … when I click on it I go straight to the web page of my new upload.

Then … and this is the clincher …. I clicked on ‘play’ (in the embedded quicktime player) straight away …and WHAMO! .. there was my ambisonic file correctly translated and streaming directly out of the browser.

No waiting, no torrenting, no mucking about. All on Amazon’s S3 and EC2 platforms… so super fast for those in the US (and quite fast for those in Europe).

So, I’m excited (again). Getting closer, slowly, slowly …

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One Response to Closer

  1. Nick says:

    great news!
    I’m really looking forward to being able to use this uploader.
    Hope you can release it soon. Let me know if you want a beta tester!

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