Beta coming soon + launch business model

The plan is to have the new site opened to limited beta testers (who will be uploaders). Once there is a bunch of good content (maybe 100 uploads), then the site will be released to the public. Whilst the beta testers are uploading content, I will be coding up the ‘tipping’ system. I’m anticipating this will take around 3 months.

Launch Business Model

I’ve been racking my brain to try and find a business model which is sufficiently simple and can benefit both the uploaders and the site.

I recently stopped using a CVS repository service ( because I couldn’t work out how much their service would cost me … their business model was too complicated. Made me realise that the ‘cost’ of the service _has_ to be simple.

So here it is.

All content is streamable (for free) from the browser in 5.1. You can either stream to speakers connected to your computer, or stream optical to an AV receiver.

No downloads are free.

If you ‘subscribe’ to Ambisonia, then you can download everything for free. The subscription fee is $15 for 3 months, or $45 for one year.

Now here’s the really cool point … you then have to ‘spend’ your subscription money as tips. In other words, if you bought a $45 one year subscription, then you need to allocate that $45 to the tunes you think most deserve it.

You might tip lots of people 10c, or you might tip just one tune $45 (either way you can download everything). Ambisonia then takes around 30% of that (like iTunes).

Anyway, back to the beta site.

What I’ve got left to do is:

  1. Find a new name. I’ve been labouring over this for ages. I cant use any ‘ambisonic’ derived name because it wont be trademarkable. I liked something like ‘conch’ … because it has that association with being transformed to an other world just by sound (putting a sea shell up to your ear). would have been perfect, but its taken…so… I dont know.
  2. Clean up a few graphics.
  3. Work out some way for the Uploader to know how long the transcode is taking.
  4. Test edge conditions (like uploading files of same name etc.).
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4 Responses to Beta coming soon + launch business model

  1. Martin says:

    Hi Etienne,

    While I wish you well, I am doubtful that your new business model will be successful. For success you need to find people with a problem, and then solve their problem.

    Your new site will elegantly solve the problem of downloading B-Format content. But where are the people who have this problem? Anyway, hopefully I am wrong. Good luck.

  2. Martin says:

    Note that “” should read “”.

  3. Martin,

    yes, … not thanks.

    You may well be right that the business model may not work. And if it doesn’t, I’ll either abandon it or try to find a new one.

    It is very likely that the business model will change. I understand your point about solving a problem that people have. An other business model that I am keen on is an account that will automatically render all material to your personalised HRTFs. This solves the ‘problem’ of listening to ambisonics on iPods. But raises the question if there are enough people with personalised HRTFs to support the site.

    The new Ambisonia does solve the ‘problem’ of “how can I listen to ambisonics easily?”…. but it doesn’t charge for it 🙂 … If I charge for it then far less people will be exposed to ambisonics … I’ve got to think about that a little more.

  4. Anatoli says:

    Good luck with the business model. Making content streamable is a good move.

    If there are enough users on the site already then the model might work. However it is unlikely that the added incentive for uploaders will drive more traffic to the site.

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