Giving it away makes people want to pay.

An interesting article about giving away music … suggesting that the higher the quality and length of the sample, the more likelyhood people will want to pay for it.

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2 Responses to Giving it away makes people want to pay.

  1. Ryan says:

    People only pay when they receive perceived value or if they are forced too ie. when I have to pay my accountant to do my tax return.

    I say perceived value because this is why people pay $300 for Hugo Boss jeans when they can get similar for $50. The added value to the person is the bragging rights or image in purchasing Hugo Boss.

    Giving away something for free is only used as a marketing strategy… in which case, instead of paying for marketing, then you give away the product (to reduce your marketing costs).

    There is no point in giving something away unless you have another product in order to charge for which a percentage of your free audience will buy.

    For Ambisonia, just offer a service which I can’t get elsewhere for free, and then you can charge for it 🙂 Create your service by understanding what is important to your target market, so you know what to build in order to create value.

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