Micro payments

Once scaling is complete, its going to be all about micropayments.

The one big last final cathartic step in the ambisonia adventure is going to be enabling people to tip the content producers. Yep. That’s been ambisonia’s long stated aim … to create a micro-economy around ambisonics.

photo by danielbroche

photo by danielbroche

This is both a technology challenge, and a user interface challenge. No one is going to tip anyone if tipping is not:

  1. extremely easy
  2. cheap
  3. satisfying

But the user interface issue is secondary, for now, to the technology.

Amazon FPS is the perfect solution, but you need to have a US credit card and have a US address. I dont have either.

Paypal is apparently coming out with a micropayment API very similar to Amazons, but there’s no sign of it yet.

And now there’s rumours of Google also developing a micropayment solution based on Google Checkout. Darn. Google Checkout is also only for US based merchants.

So right now its not looking too good. That is unless I move to the US.

Ok. Patience. Lets see how things pan out over the coming months.

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