Man On Wire

I find this ‘coup’ insanely beautiful. A man decides to somehow, illegally, covertly, stretch a 200 kg cable between 2 towers (World Trade Centre in New York) and walk across it. He works with a small team. Its 1974. They actually pull it off. Trailer for the documentary below.

I remember my grand father, Ronald Redwin, once telling me something along the lines of

… if there’s someone drowning in a river and you dive in and rescue them then you are a hero. But, if it should so happen that you drown whilst attempting to rescue them, then they will call you an idiot.

I could never work out what he was trying to say to me. I must have been 14 or 15 or something. But this seems to apply to Phillippe Petit, the Man on the Wire.

There’s a very interesting and dangerous parallel, or perhaps contrast, between this event and the 9/11 bombings both executed on the same buildings. One is in the name of the celebration of life. The other is in the name of …hmm … I’m really not sure. But its not death, it is something else.

In an interview on the Colbert report Petit says “what I do is inspire people”. And hell. The new design for my house just took a turn to the radical.

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4 Responses to Man On Wire

  1. Bogus Name says:

    “The new design for my house just took a turn to the radical.”

    Mistake. Always build (or buy) a house that will be easy to sell. Who is going to buy your radical house? If it will be difficult to sell then you have hung an albatross around your neck.


    • Hi Martin,

      Have you watched the documentary? (I dont know if it is available in full on youtube) … but it is the polar opposite of economic rationalism!

      • Bogus Name says:

        In the future when you come to sell your house — as you almost certainly will — you will not be in “the polar opposite of economic rationalism”. Your family may be in financial difficulties, and you may *need* a quick sale.

        The point, here, is that for most people, a house is the most valuable asset they will ever own. I must insist that to play games with your single most valuable asset is foolhardy.


  2. Hi Martin,

    I do understand your point. Truth be told, the post about my house design taking a turn to the radical was tongue-in-cheek. I hardly have the budget for anything other than ‘very modest’ in any case.

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