What is the relationship between the discovery of a new technique and a work of art?

The below video uses a technique of using vertical ‘scan’ lines, on a semi-random walk across an image, to create an eery distortion of the original image. Its a known technique but used over successive images such as this reveals an other dimension.

Its beautiful to watch. Almost extraordinary. There is more than just a new technique here. The choice of music and source video hints at some intent. But is the artist’s intent ‘tacked’ onto the discovery of the new technique? Is it a case of “I want to comment on fairgrounds” or “this effect is cool, how can I use it to say something? how can I put into a context”.

Here’s an other beautiful video to watch. The author, Jean-Marc Pelletier is concerned with developing sonification techniques. This again relates to the challenges of cross-media mapping (which keep recurring in my work). Jean-Marc’s sonification is beautiful to watch and beautiful to hear. But is there a revelation beyond the discovery of a new technique?

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