I’ve just completed a composition that I’ve called Gorged. It can be downloaded/listened to here http://soundOfSpace.com

I’m not happy with it.

Truth be told, there is no compositional intent in it. It is more an exploration of the capabilities of the interface I have built. I created dozens of sound snippets, then arranged together and reshuffled, reshuffled, reshuffled.

But I need to close that chapter and move on. I spent 3 months on that work, and it ceased improving about half way through and just kept morphing into different works. I think it is too early in my exploration of spatial audio composition to spend that long on one piece. I have too many ideas that I need to explore.

And now I can finally move on to my next work … which *does* have compositional intent. Hoorah.

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5 Responses to Gorged

  1. Jason says:

    Well I think it sounds composed, and it sounds good. So there. Pfffffft, as Bill the Cat would say.

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