Sincerity is freedom

It hit me like a tonne of bricks, the other day. I’ve forgotten what I was thinking about at the time… but the conclusion was that sincerity is freedom.

I want to try and communicate how.

My intuition is that sincerity offers freedom from the traps of the human condition. And the traps of the human condition are the most tacit, constant and aggressive of all traps. We do not see them function, we just live them.

One of those traps is self-doubt. If one is sincere, one need not doubt one’s self. No one has the capacity to understand what is innermost to us. No one can say “no, that’s not what is important to you”. And so the ‘sincere’ artist is immune from both negative criticism and self-doubt. In being immune to those, the sincere artist can-only-produce good work.

I suspect that sincerity delivers freedom, generally, from the trappings of the ego. The ego drives one to do things that only satisfy the aim of re-inforcing it … and this is insincere. The ego is *only* a pattern of thought. It is a pattern applied to the memories and experiences we have. It is the cancer of the mind. Ego is insincerity.

Which is all to say not much. Because the question then becomes, “fine, how can I be sincere?”. I dont know. Perhaps an indicator of sincerity is the lack of any apparent egotistic motivation.

An other indicator is that sincerity has no short-term goals. Actually, it has no long-term goals.

Hmm … sincerity has no goals. There it is.

How do I roll that into my art? … Hang on, that’s a goal.

This post has no goal. 🙂

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5 Responses to Sincerity is freedom

  1. If this post has no goal, why did I write it?

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  3. Plumpkitty says:

    Maybe sincerity doesn’t have to have a goal. It is a simple tool/knowledge/wisdom that can be used to help human life easier. When a person is sincere, people around him tend to be sincere as well. It is the most likely reaction. Sincerity brings positivity because people are less likely to put up unnecessary pretense… Making communication easier, solutions are made faster, and complications are prevented.

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